At Lilyoaks Australian Shepherds, our priorities are versatility, temperament, and health.

We strive to preserve the integrity of our breed with public involvement and education,

engagement in dog sports, and breed mentor relationships.

We take great pride in our dogs, our puppies, and our role in the dog community.

We aim to share our love for this incredible breed for many generations.


The structure, intelligence, biddability, and willingness to work, learn,

and engage in a variety of competition venues.


Loyal, driven, and outgoing to be content among an active,

dedicated, loving family.


Health clearances and continued breeder education give us the greatest chance

at ensuring our puppies live long, healthy lives.

• • •

"First and foremost, the Australian Shepherd is a true working stockdog,

and anything that detracts from his usefulness as such is undesirable.

The most important breed characteristics are overall moderation in size and bone,

balance with correct proportions, and sound movement."

- ASCA Breed Standard